Wii's One Year Anniversary!


Heh, Happy Wii Anniversary.
Marioman said:
Well boys/girls, tommorrow is the day the Wii offically turns one year old (In the U.S.)! Exciting isn't it? This past year for Nintendo in my opinion has been a golden one. After the Game Cube, which really wasn't too successful, the Wii was a great idea to get Nintendo back on top. The day I got my Wii (at Christmas) I was so happy and so pleased with it that I believed it was the best gaming console ever created. I still believe that now. There has been so many good things that have happened this year with the Wii, and so many good things to come too! Sure there have been some dissapointments, but those are to be expected. One cannot expect to be entertained by the Wii nonstop and complain as soon as you have nothing else left to do with your Wii. We should be thanking Nintendo for what they have given us this year and what they will be giving us in the years to come. So, I invite everyone here at WiiChat to personally thank Nintendo themselves for job well-done. Feel free to tell us what your best moment with the Wii was and what it means to have a Wii in your life.

Congratulations Nintendo for a successful year! :thumbsup:

Yes. today, the wii is one year old! I too, thank Nintendo for making it. It is the strangest thing I ever owned since the sony AIBO. I ain't sorry I bought it and I still enjoy it. It breaks all the rules and that goes outside the new ones.

I once wrote Nintendo a letter, thanking them. I told then it was the most facinating thing I have owned in a long time. I said that it will end up in hospitals and nursing homes, and I have seen this come to pass. It is being used to rehabilitate stroke victims and help those in nursing homes. I have read about it being put on cruise ships, being played on giagantic screens.

I have watched Youtube vids of little kids having a blast with the wii, as well as older ones. I have watched groups of people have FUN with the wii. The wii is for EVERYONE not just for a select few. I'm glad Nintendo took the risk, went outside convention and what was expected, to make the wii.
thas said:
ah yes the wii. the best sytem i had yet. unlike a lot of people, when i was about to get my wii, i didnt know it had motion controls. i actually only found out about a week before i got it. any how i waited 6 hours in line on the first day. and man was it worth it. i havent regreted it at all. the best experience on wii would have to be super mario galaxy.

then again i love waiting to see updates and what nintendo is going to come up with next. its always a mystery and i like that.

Super Mario Galaxy. Yes! That game is like being in a fantastic dream! It is like going to Disney World! I have NEVER seen ANYTHING like it. It is something way outside the rules of games! :yesnod:

To bad it makes me very motion sick, though. :yikes:
Happy Birthday!

I'll never forget when I picked up my Wii. Mid-January, very hungover from a Mardi Gras ball the night before, woke up at 7AM. I think I may have still been a little drunk actually because I bought all kinds of stuff for the Wii that I didn't even need. Anyway, playing Zelda that day was the quickest I've ever recovered.