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Jul 18, 2007
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fallout 3 is massively popular and fairly popular here, so i thought id just bring everything together and keep the anouncements here.

Fallout 3
Gamerscore 1000 - 1550 with all DLC
Length - 40+ hours
Comments - Brilliant game almost identical gameplay to Oblivion, Critically Excellently Recieved.


Operation Anchorage
Cost - 800
Length - 3-4 hours
Gamerscore - 4/100
Comment - Slightly Dissapointing, (cant revisit)(short)

The Pitt
Cost - 800
Length - 4-5 hours
Gamerscore - 4/100
Comment - Good, (lengthy and revisitable)

Broken Steel
Cost - 800
Length - 4-5 hours
Gamerscore - 6/150
Comment - Good, (set in waste land, (but new areas), lengthy, increases level cap, continues main storyline)

Point Lookout
Cost - 800
Length - 6-7 hours
Gamerscore - 4/100
Comment - Brilliant, (Massive New Explorable area, Long)

Mothership Zeta
Cost - 800
Length - 3-4 hours (and i took my time)
Gamerscore - 4/100
Comment - Very Short, Fairly Boring, Nice new weapons, (Returnable but POINLESS to return to)

-- Mothership Zeta comes out 3rd August 100 gamerscore 4 new achievements (3 quest related, 1 collectable)(also apparently the last of the DLC)
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Broken steel had new places David, like the airforce base and that other place I forgot the name of.
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Broken steel had new places David, like the airforce base and that other place I forgot the name of.

well yeah but what i meant is its set in the wasteland, might edit that
i've arleady read that mothership zeta can be returned to and there will be a material that can repair any item 25% that you can keep getting from the ship.

you'll have to take my word for it im not going to be bothered looking for the link lol
Thanks for the little guide there. I bought the Fallout CE edition from Amazon on Saturday and is on it's way right now and should either arrive tomorrow or the day after.

Any recommendations on which DLC I should start out from?
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Broken steel first, it continues main story and increases level cap and actually affects the wasteland itself.
yup, broken steel first, after that i'd do them in order if your looking to buy them all, if you just want a couple go with point lookout first because it adds tons of awesome areas and missions.
Broken Steel -> Point Lookout -> The Pitt -> Operation Anchorage it is!

Thanks guys.
Well, Mother ship zeta comes out August... 3rd I believe.
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yeah august the third :) and its apparently the last one :(

but yeah

Broken Steel > Point Lookout > the Pitt > Operation anchorage
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Got my beautiful Lunch Box today in the mail. Played it through the beginning portion of Megaton and I am having loads of fun with it.
I'm just following the main quest right now. Going to Rivet City as I type.
that wont last long lol, the side quests are more fun than the main to tell you the truth.

yep yep. From what I've heard, the side quests, like Oblivion, is the meat of the game. I'd just like to finish up the main story before I do some damage elsewhere.

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