Final Smashes unbalanced?

no, jiggly's and kirby's WORK best on a small stage. is in that is their peak of effectiveness. that still doesn't make them very useful.
peachs is the weakest but it's unavoidable and Ikes is devastating but is hard to trigger its like all the final smashs have 100 points and spend their points on dirent things accurcy, power and food/effect
yeh i agree, they are each good in a special way and cud turn the tide with the right timing and accuracy
What? Who revived - ..Oh, it's you. Lol.

Even if the thread's dead.. Yes, some FS' are unbalanced. Some are also pathetic(like Kirby's). Sonic's, Pikachu's, Link's, etc. are often going to land a kill or put you in near-auto kill range, even if you're at 0% or just respawned.

Then again, the item Smash Ball itself is broken, since it's an item with such obliterating power for some characters, but nothing more than a little damage for others. ..Atleast they're fun as hell in a non-serious FFA. :p
What? Who revived - ..Oh, it's you. Lol.

why does it sound like im a dissapointment?
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but they're all so interesting!!!

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