Final Smashes unbalanced?

No, if you air dodge, etc; Kirby can't take you into his pot.
I probably shouldn't be just throwing this all out here, and everything; Since I main Kirby, but you can actually dodge his FS.
Prince726 said:
i never died using marth FS
well i watched one guy run into a wall and i watched another guy run 1/3 way across temple before dying. classic. i mean its a good chance you get someone in a 4 way ffa but in a 1v1? ive already dodged someone using links FS on me which was really funny looking since it zooms in and you see him flinging w/e and you see my tech roll in slow motion. im just thinking that if you miss and wind up dying because of that it goes in the sucky bracket.
Lugia said:
the tanks get really old. i mean youve got your fast ones like ganon, zelda, marth, ness/lucas and whoever else i could of missed then you have your spacies (hahaha), yoshi, diddy kong, snake, pikachu, sonic ect where if you dont manage a kill on probably everyone you suck. bringing up aim isnt a very good point because so many give you 1 shot while the rest #1 do the work for you or #2 give you the time to get to everyone.

worst final smashes
#1 donkey kong. honestly all you do is stand there and watch any donkey kong player pretty much waste a final smash.
#2 king dedede. edge hog while you take probably 20 dmg.
#3-4 peach/kirby. low range/low dmg.
#5 marth. i know. its a 1 hit kill if you hit something. its also a 1 swing suicide if you miss.
you are so wrong kirby is one of the one hit kill smashes, but to everyone on the field.

I hate this discussion, for the sole reason that THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE UNBALANCED. hence why one character gets them and something big happens, rather than getting it and some percentage is lowered. Also remember, some characters suck now and need final smashes, because all the precious melee 'Advanced Techniques" are gone.
^I managed to overlook the post saying Luigi's is useless. It's a great way to rack up damage then KO. However, they are supposed to be unbalanced but I don't think Ike should be great along with a great FS. Redic.
You can dodge that attack by rolling right before he is about to suck you up to the pot.
i think ness and lucas fs r the best i like how thunder just pour down all over the screen
Nah. It's so simple to avoid the big slow moving white stars. I use fast characters so I maybe get hit once for 12-15% damage, the others I easily dodge.
I don't like the final smashes that envolve aiming. Other people I play don't have to sometimes.