for those who lift weights and exercise

to stay healthy and strong in a fun way is to just find a sport you like.
I skate everyday for 1-3 hours a day and i just have fun without even realizing im exercising. Thats about all i do =p
I just started lifting about a month or two ago for my sport and now I can't get enough of it. Lmao at this point I'm not even exercising for the sport. Right now it's all about pushing myself to the limit for a better me. I dunno..the way I look at it is: Lifting weights just doesn't make you stronger physically, but it makes you stronger mentally because it teaches you determination and how to push yourself past pain.

That's just my opinion though.
I do Shoto Khan karate on Wednesday nights and teach a class on Saturday mornings.
I play basketball on Thursdays after school.
I train for rugby on Tuesdays and play games on Sundays.
I play 7-a-side football on Fridays after school.

Quite a lot to be honest. :)

Used to do Jiu Jitsu on Wednesday nights but I found Shoto Khan more demanding and fun :).
I try to go to the gym in place of these if its the end of a season or anything too.
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yeah that's a really good schedule. All I try to do is go to my school's weight room after last period everyday. If I don't then I just do some exercising at home.
Hellz yea. I exercise constantly, pushing my limits as much as I can every time. I also practice Shotokahn, cant get enough of it. I am also in boxing classes, leader of the pack. Im not sure if anyone else is doing this, but im gonna go ahead and start since it fits the thread. Here are my stats.

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 284 pounds
Physique: Muscular
Body Fat Percentage: 7%
Nickname: My friends call me minivan because of my enormous size
Bench Press Max: 350 pounds
Deadlift Max: 750 pounds
Squat Max: 810 pounds
Dumbell Curling Max: 110 pounds
Lateral Pulldown Max: 320 pounds
Maximum Number of Consecutive Chin-Ups: 12
Maximum Number of Consecutive Sit-Ups: 168
Maximum Number of Consecutive Push-Ups: 89
Maximum Punching Power With Gloves: 1450 pounds per square inch
Average Punching: I break my knuckles on every punch without gloves

And thats about it. Tell me if I missed anything. :lol: