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May 30, 2006
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Same as before
Charicter 1>My dad was killed in a fight. (god this is so meany game charicters)> his dad was killed by Geasse Howard
Charicter 2>Im a ninja. (ditto) Zool was ment to be one
Charicter 3>Im a fish.
I think the thrid is dead easy.

Charicter 1>My friend is a tai boxer> Joe Hagashi
Char 2>Im not of your dimension.>Nth dimension apparently
Char 3>This clue is a picture

get it yet.> the game had addvertising for penguin biscets

Char 1>My brother fights in the same team as me(sometimes) Andy Bogard He has not been in any of the more recent King of the fighters games
Char 2>I am mostly black with green bits. >well he was
Char 3>Santa was in one of my games> James Pond 2 :code name robocod
new day new clues
Char 1>I used to ware a baseball cap with my games logo on it.>he had Fatal Fury on it But he dosent ware it any more
Char 2>My games where quite fast paced.> they where a bit
Char 3>Dr maybe (oh come on its not that hard now) >The main bad guy of his games
new clues
Char 1>I am known as the hungry wolf
Char 2>Sweet world> first level
Char 3>My body can strech quite long> sod it just play the damn game
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the character in fable? heh, but i liked it better when there where three characters to guess: easy, meduim, and hard.
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ok ill make three
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err no
if you do 3, then make it easyer for people to understand. write the clues like this:
Character 1, Clue 1:

Character 2, Clue 1:

Character 3, Clue:1

or something like that. i think it would confuse alot less people that way
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you all wrong
and no the pic isnt of my avi
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New clues
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more clues