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May 30, 2006
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New game.
I will ask ion to erase the old ones (dont want to glog up the board with these
But now theres a twist
There all from similar type of games
But there not the same game
Characters 1 >Our games got worse with each sequel
Character 2 >I'm a Ninja (again).
Character 3 >I draw my own comics.

Chars 1>Two characters both the same.
Char 2>I was left out of one of the home versions .
Char 3>I have been in my own comic.

Chars 1>BOXIES
Char 2>Orange GI
Char 3>Stop drawing bad guys

Chars 1>Whips
Char 2>I was also in street fighter
Char 3>I have a pet rat

Chars 1>Baseball bat
Char 2>Bushin style ninjitsu (theres a big give away)
Char 3>Jump from this frame

Chars 1>At the end we had to fight to the death.
Char 2>My Friend was a wrestler.
Char 3>When I die a the hand of my enemy crosses me out.
Have fun and dont just say i dont know (thats spamming)
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new clues
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New clues
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nope not even close
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New clues
this is geting hard for me to come up with clues now
Double dragon is kinda right
Need names not games
Have fun and dont say i dont know (thats spaming)
If u didn't know u couldn't give us clues:sick:

Char1: Ness?
Char2:dam, it's someone from Naruto, how do I not know this?!
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no its geting harder for me to come up with one that dont give it away

New clues and thats it for now