Longest Thread Ever

I knew people would be saying that....but everyone is entitled to their own opinion....Out of the two of you, who actually read the whole thing?
You lost me after you starting talking about your personal life and your boyfriend Zach.
Lol, I friggin hate that kid, he bleeds so much, I think he has AIDS.
komio said:
indeed above poster

nice. Okay, well I'll change the subject... lets talk about... "the war between the PS3 and wii" lol j/k lets talk about latest and greatest... ANIME!
I suppose I'm a stereotypical "believes in science not religion" type of person. I study astrophysics, so I'm always facing questions like how did the universe begin, how will it end, etc. Some people say the universe is so beautiful and so complex, hence they say this means there must be a God who created it. I think of it like this: why should beauty and complexity imply a God must exist? Thinking about it for a statistical point of view, there's a chance the universe could have just came together the way it did without any interference. Regardless of whether it was created by God or just randomly came together like it is, the universe is still beautiful and complex.

Anyway, does it really matter if I believe in something? There are so many religions out there that all contradict each other that I wouldn't have the slightest clue about which one is "right". But would a benevolent God really judge a person differently just because they didn't believe in the "right" religion, or even the right sect of a religion? Speaking of which, why are there so many Christian sects? It's like every minor disagreement leads to a new denomination being set up.