Man beats his kid to death when she knocks over his xbox

Dumbass, who would go so far as to beat a kid over a broken 360, i mean, cmon, its just a 360.

I could understand it if it was a 52 inch 1080p tv, but foshyzzle, a 360???
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Sovieto said:
i hope that kid learned her lesson.

Dont touch my console *****

Its worth more than you
I read about this a while ago.. Quite surprising to see the limit that some people will go to. The guy is a complete idiot.
i wouldn't care if my Wii would've cost thousands and thousands of dollars. if my kid, which i don't have, would've knocked over my Wii, broken the console, scratched all the games, dipped the Nunchuck and Wiimote in water....... i wouldn't care. no way am i gonna beat the child to death.
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manred said: went way too far. lol.

Even that gave me a good laugh.

Going to far whould be usein the 360 as a chair and drop kcikin it into the kids face

\Side note
Never have a video window open with RVDs matchies playin while typin
I feel bad for both of them. The kid did something so innocent and died because her father can't control his temper (or withdrawl)
I also think that the father really didn't mean to go as far as killing her. If he has any conscience at all, which I'm sure he does, then he must hate himself so much for what he did. The only thing that would haunt me more than watching your daughter die is knowing you did it to her. That's not to say it's excuseable, I'm just saying I feel sorry for him.
some people.......
this really sucks. poor child didnt know what she was doing. how do you hit a baby? thats what id like to know.
The reason for gamers getting a bad name is because of people like this guy. My personal opinion on life is:

If you take someone's life, you deserve to pay for the crime with your own.
Oy, this sucks, another kid dead, another psycho, and another easy jab at the game industry. The Jack Thompson squad is probably all over this.

They shouldn't kill this man. That only makes the state/area as bad as him, as you see two wrongs never make a right. Murder over a console does deserve incarceration for life regardless of the victim's age.

Aye. The fact that y'all are cracking jokes only shows how desensitized we all are.
I don't believe in life sentences for murder, fry his ass or shoot him up with that lethal nonsense. No need for idiots like that in this world.
blueovalboy7 said:
I don't believe in life sentences for murder, fry his ass or shoot him up with that lethal nonsense. No need for idiots like that in this world.

...Thats just more murder, and an escape for him. A lifetime sentence will let him soak in his guilt for years. Don't lift his weights so early, let him rot.
Like Monsteroids, I'm against capital punishment since I believe killing him makes us no better than him. But while I'm not going to advocate his execution, I do hope his life sentence means life (not like here in Britain).

@Frummage: not funny.