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Jun 26, 2006
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Extending from the tribute/memorial page we have up to Steve Irwin, this news report was on A Current Affair a few nights ago:

Greer continues Irwin attack

Steve Irwin had embarrassed millions of Australians, outspoken expatriate Australian academic Germaine Greer has said.

And those who had mourned him with their tributes at the Irwin family's Australia Zoo in what the British had labelled "a Princess Diana moment" were "idiots", she said.

Mr Irwin, 44, died on Monday when he was stabbed in the chest by a stingray barb while snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef in far north Queensland.

British-based Ms Greer wrote in The Guardian newspaper on Tuesday, following Mr Irwin's sudden death that the animal world had taken revenge on "self-deluded animal tormentor Steve Irwin".

On Wednesday, she went a step further.

She told A Current Affair in an interview with presenter Karl Stefanovic she did not understand Australians' sense of loss for Mr Irwin, who had exploited animals by telling the world how dangerous they were and then treating them with disrespect.

"I find the whole Steve Irwin phenomenon (embarrassing) — and I'm not the only person who did," Ms Greer said.

But when pushed, she was unable to name anyone who had publicly agreed with her.

Ms Greer said she was tired of being told Australia was full of "wicked, nasty, powerful, deadly creatures".

"Why does Australia set itself up to be made into this hell-hole," she said.

"I'm sick and tired of it — it's absolutely unfair."

She also rejected claims her sentiments were "unAustralian".

"I don't care what I'm being called," Ms Greer said.

"I just hope I'm out of touch with what idiots are thinking."

Asked if Australians were idiots, she said: "I don't believe Australians are as dim or as easily led as you may perceive."

"As far as I can see, quite a few Australians have been embarrassed by Steve Irwin — lots — millions possibly," she said.

"Why are the English calling it 'Australia's Princess Diana moment'.

"Aren't you embarrassed about that, at least?"

Ms Greer said Mr Irwin had not treated animals with the respect they deserved.

"He would tell you how dangerous they were and he would proceed to intrude on their space and humiliate really - treat them with massive insensitivity," she said.

"It's no surprise he came to grief."

Ms Greer said the stingray's reaction in flicking its barb upwards had been "completely mechanical".

She likened Mr Irwin to a lion tamer.

"He was making entertainment out of animals, except he used crocodiles instead of lions."

Ms Greer said she hoped the death of Mr Irwin would be the end of "that kind" of nature program.

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How insensitive, when millions of people are mourning the loss of the beloved crocodile hunter she rips into him like that with completely fabricated "facts". Apparently she's paid alot of money to be contraversial, so thats probably why she said bagged him so heartlessly.
I certainly do not believe that Steve Irwin embarrased Australia. He went out with pride and atleast he went out in style. He was never on the news for bad things (except carrying his baby while feeding a crocodile) like drugs, drink driving and so and so. While other celebrities do. He was naturally a good guy that obeyed rules and set an example.
Steve Irwin may have had a few lapses in judgement (particular the incident with his baby), but overall he was a pretty good guy. Yes he used animals as a means of entertainment, but he never delibrately hurt them. He also helped to raise awareness of such creatures and what we can do to save them. I can think of plenty of celebrities who've done things much worse than Steve Irwin.
He had that place where he would take care of animals while at the same time entertaining others with them. He loved them like he loved his children. I think it was just a couple of months back that his ad was on television about saving koalas. Like u said, he did use animals as means of entertainment but i think he saved far more than how many he hurt. Actually, come to think of it, i dont think he hurt animals at all! Great guy, gave Australia some identity.