What pokemon characters would you like in Brawl


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Oct 5, 2006
We get cable in Hyrule
Pokemon have alway played a part in the super smash series, the topic is pokemon that can be in brawl. This topic is for Pokemon you want to see, please bring your talk about Sonic, Megaman, or Cloud to another thread. Oh and a quick comment, nobody wants to see the lazy anime character a$$ Ketchup on brawl.
mewtwo and rayquaza for the pokeball
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dito that would be cool it would change into the enemy and attack em with the b attack then it would disapear
They should have a second second list for Poke-Mon like over the gameplay you can eventuly unlock all of the Poke-Mons to play!, Or like have some sort of feture where online you can Download like a 10 Pack of Poke-Mons for like 100 Wii Points!
I wouldnt like to see any more pokemon. I think Mewtoo and Pikachu is enough. I dont get why pichu or jigglypuff were there =S
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well pokemon was an extremely popular product and it could attract pokemon lover to the game, plus pokemon deserves credit for all the dough it reeled in.