Why Was Getwin Banned?

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Jul 10, 2006
Georgia, USA
I certainly didnt agree with his views on Wii and PS3, but please show me where he did anything that was deserving of a banning? Where i0n? His posts arent perfect, but cleaner than many others on this forum. So why was he banned - if its because he supported PS3 then that is a display of unfair and myopic reasoning.
No way, i0n isn't like that. Ramp is still on here and he's mega biased and supports the PS3, but he's not banned. He must have sent a private message to him that got him pissed or something.

Is Getwin ur friend or something?
He was extremely abusive and warranted a ban, i delete abusive posts as i feel they serve no purpose but to encite more abusive posting hence why you cant find evidence.
I cant even remeber him
damn memory

who am I
who are who are who are you
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Oh not a question of authority. I just wanted to make sure that nothing fishy was up. I like the site and keeping offensive people like that away keeps it great. But Ive seen banned users offensive posts before. . . maybe they have been deleted since then. And no, I have no clue who getwin or gewtin or whoever is. I just noted that he honestly created one of the better threads weve had in a while - I guess maybe his colorful language is why it had so many responses from the vast majority of the pro-Wii crowd. I just got here to late to witness that language - oh well, i0n is right in that obscene language etc serves no good purpose in this sort of place.
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Arcadium said:
well, then why u are protecting if he is banned... leave i0n make his work

Sorry, could you clarify? I'm afraid I dont know what you mean.

I am an unbiased person. Even though I did not know this abusive poster, I feel that IF his posts were all clean, that he should be allowed to post despite his PS3 obsession. But as it turns out, he did have dirty posts - they were just removed without a trace. I have nothing to back that up except that i0n said so. I have no reason the not believe i0n. So I accepted what he said and moved on. I dont want abusive posters here either. What i do like is fresh ideas, even ones I dont agree with are good because they spark good debate and make us think more about what it is that we support (in this case the Wii) Sorry for all the confusion over this, I should have just handled it in a private message, but now that its a public topic. . . have at it - Id just as soon leave it, but if you must repost with comments or questions then feel free to do so.
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