WiiChat Nostalgia

mann... this used to be my fav site on the internet now i cant even read a few threads without wanting to x out. depressing how times change
A lot of the users from the past went to Ninstation after WiiChat crashed. Frogger, ROB64, Twilight Hero, Brawny, and others.

I remember when people lost faith and left and the site slowed down a bit

...........and never picked up to the same speed it once went. Wiichat is like an old car. It still runs and is reliable to get from point A to point B...but its nothing that nice anymore.

Oh hai, BRizer. =)

I've only been here a year and a half, and I clearly see how Wiichat's gone downhill. When I first joined, you'd see a thread bumped in New Posts every five seconds, an intelligent post or otherwise.

Now things are just... slow. And as everyone's been discussing, more than a handful of the good members became much less active, or left altogether.

In short,

Bodine said:
I miss the good ol' days :/

I think the most recent crash threw everything out of whack.
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i've been checking wiichat occasionally if im bored, but this place has become a shithole.
LevesqueIsKing (I think that's what the name was)

Yes it is. And then there was Icylooooopia, CyanRussel, WiiWouldLike2Play, Frogger, Shoko, Axtlar, and so on and so forth. Especially miss Leves and Steph though D=

I don't miss Frogger at all. She was a little bit of a cow.

That she was...It's good to see you again, Shoko! I need to add you to my Wii and Brawl again...any other new wi-fi games you got?
I don't miss Frogger at all. She was a little bit of a cow.

LOL awesome. Brawny and Frogger were not missed by most. Haha.

I still talk to Bliss, Celeste, and those guys though.

Lewi quit forums as far as we know, though, and I haven't seen Leve around as much either. =/
Ah, those were the days.

OMG Shoko! How have you been buddy?

Wassup S.S!? Nothin much man. Everything's good. What's been goin on with you?

Haha not much, depending on how much of the past year or two you actually wanna know XD

Basic rundown: Got a girlfriend, dated for a year, did a lot of stuff with her (use your imagination), she cheated on me, I graduated high school, failed my first semester of college, found two jobs, and haven't been able to hold down a relationship since that b*tch of an ex, though some were by choice because the girl turned out to be batshit insane...moreso than most girls anyway.

As for Emma (Frogger) being a "cow" I disagree. She was awesome as long as you weren't an idiot. If you were even a bit of an idiot then she had no tolerance for you, but other than that she was awesome.
I remember when it was always active..
remember the design lounge? and the SOTW... nick, celeste, ender ehh
never won those...

nice to see some of you guys still here, not sure if you remember me, but wii-fi says wassup