Dr Pepper Rulez


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Aug 1, 2006
Yes it sure does, but who loves it the most? Obvilously it is me but Wiired and MetroidZ thinks they love it more :p so let's Debate!

Here are all(I think) Kinds of Dr Pepper
Diet Dr. Pepper; Caffiene-free Dr Pepper; Diet Caffeine-free Dr Peeper; Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper; Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper; Dr Pepper Berries & Cream; Diet Dr Pepper Berries & Cream
*Taken from Wikipedia here*
Personaly i think i could drink them all :p but let's see what The other 2(won't mention the names it's rude :p) have to say
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Pff Let's go to London and have a drink off, the only place i can stay is my Sisters place tho xD but i dont think i want to travel across the whole country just to get to london and have a drink off :( I live in Cornwall
I loved Dr. Pepper. I think I only had it a few times. I can't find it in the shops anymore in Australia since god knows when. Anyone know where it can be found in Sydney? :O