Forum games section added + Launch titles forums?


Apr 30, 2006
Did a quick sweep of The Lounge forum and moved the many game threads into their own forum, think its for the best (hadnt realised how many threads there was for them :)).

Also debating whether or not to add new forum sections for the confirmed release titles yet or not?

Your opinions are greatly welcomed :)
Thank you
Its geting outa hand with all these "I have a game" threads
(<<<<thinks they need some decent names)
so thats why my post count has gone down
get to celebrate my 666th post again
... what happened? why did my posts came down same as Stoukaph and SSBB Lover??? i0n fix it!
good decision. games were all most people were using the lounge for anyway.

you should make a confirmed games section though, and put the post count back up.
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Guys, post count means absolutely nothing, quality of posts and threads however goes a very long way :)
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Napalmbrain said:
I've seen a lot of threads about Zelda and Red Steel, so sections for them would probably be useful.

ok man sounds good, bit hesitant to add forums where not much discussion takes place but you're right those two titles are well discussed here.