Download Characters For Brawl WONT HAPPEN! (NO SPOIL)


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Jul 2, 2007
Its takes so much space just to download a VC game. They will not have downloadable characters. It would take up nearly all of the space on your wii. I am not against this at all, i think it would be awesome to play as other
characters that didnt make it in. but its not happening...
Imagine all the things that your wii would have to download to put in a WHOLE CHARACTER. This includes ALL moves, to what the characters face looks like after it gets hit with a certain assist trophy. Theres TO much stuff that needs to be downloaded for a character.

I think that our biggest chance is to have downloadable music, to add to your brawl soundtrack.
*Target Locked fireing missle at Kevin's house in 5-4-3-2*
Thanks for shooting down my hopes and dreams!!!! i hate you!, JK
I think that DLC will only be items and MOST LIKELY STAGES i think that stages will be there probably becuase we can already download them off of WIFI so i mean not much more is needed exept for nintendo's glamore jump so it looks awesome, I mean i could make a stage like FD that would be played on the same BUT it wouldnt have the style it does so ya DLC will be STAGES!!! I'm calling it now right here right now write it down, nintendo IMO will give us DLC that is new stages!
i agree its a long shot... but not because of size man... it doesnt take THAT much coding to change a character's facial expression. all the physics of how the character will react to the smash world is already in the code from the brawl engine. all they have to do is tweak it so its character specific. i cant see a character being that much bigger than a stage really
AtomicB said:

It would be stupid to think that they could fit a character on to a Wii's hard drive!

I mean, that'd be like putting an N64 game on your Wii!
...why... one character in a game doesnt really take that much extra coding once the physics and game engine is already there
no there's no proof either way. thats why i dont understand why people think they can confirm this topic for or against with sketchy logic lol... nice double post by the way haha
It shouldn't take up that much space. You are over complicating things. The biggest file would be the character itself, which would not take up as much space as you think. Think of all the VC games you can stick on your Wii, how many models do they include? How many animations? A ton, such as mario 64. And mario 64 doesn't take up all your Wii's space, does it?

For dlc for Brawl, all you need is one measly 3d character. All the stuff is set up in the game already. If they were to add dlc, then would have prepared for it on the game disc itself to make adding in new characters less of a pain.

But we must wait til this Friday for Nintendo's speech and hopefully they will say something about it.
oops i didnt mean to double post am i going to jail but downloadble charcters would be cool
Well for one it would kind of mess up online play.........
It's ok to not be able to play some maps because you don't have them but to not be able to play a person because they have a character pack would be really stupid.
if guitar hero is getting dlc, why can't brawl?

don't post this kind of thread based on opinion.