Get Your Own Opinion! [A Bandwagon Rant]

Wiired said:
Well played Levesque, I agree with a few of them - namely Rap music (by Rap music, I mean Hip-hop). People make assumptions that the likes of Soulja Boy and 50 Cent generalises for the whole of the genre (though I realise they're rap); where the majority of people don't even realise that some Hip-hop is poetry.
And yeah, stuff like wrestling and politics as well. I've even found myself saying OMFGZORS GEORGE BUSH IS A COCKZ, and never really realised why. (though the fact that US and UK are sending soldiers out here and there is blamed on him - tad his fault?).
Wrestling being fake.. of course they're not kicking the shite out of eachother. Keyword : Entertainment.

The end.

Just a note, we're in Iraq because of America. Same way we entered WWI because of Belgium.

Alliance system, America go to war, we have to follow.
i dont mind george bush, but when i try to ask people why they think he's stupid they tell me

"because he is a retard!"

im just like wtf

rap music is FTW

i would add broccoli to that list, i freaking LOVE it, and alot of people say its nasty!!

but i see them eating it all the time, they just dont want to admit it
Bushy is funny
Its hard to hate somebody that is so easy to take the mick outa

FRuMMaGe said:
That's why I idolize Waluigi.

Obviously he is a completely retarded character, but that's what makes him so awesome!

He was actually rated the most hated character of any Nintendo game, and there was a petition to have him removed :lol:

Any idiot can have Mario or Link as their favorite character, but where is the originality?

Long live His Purple Majesty!

Thing I hate is bandwagons and sports.
Namely with the Toronto Maple Leafs, haven't made the playoffs for 2 years (going on 3) and people jump ship and cheer for other teams. Meanwhile, if they start making a comeback they start cheering for the Leafs again and reclaim their alliance with em' :lol:

You also gotta love people who are obsessed with cheap knock-offs of better Nintendo characters. (Namely Waluigi-Luigi) :lol:
other things that can join the bandwagon:

Republicans (in general)
Meat (Everybody hates meat for no reason, they all want to be vegetarian. Maybe they think they'll sound skinnier if they say they hate food.)
Vehicles that run on gasoline (Due to irrational fear of global warming [which is the republicans fault])
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Chute said:
wrestling is fake though
First of all, by 'wrestling,' I'm going to assume you mean Professional Wrestling.

Now that we've got that straight, please enlighten me on how professional wrestling is deceiving anyone.
there isn't just hate, there's also liking things because everyone else does.

as for bush: i don't think he's taking america in the right direction.
wwe: i like it. they choose to do it. it's entertainment. it does take strengh
rap: the beat is often good, but i can't get into it. unfortunately. i can't relate.

i stray from the bandwagon. with religion, i am agnostic. that is to say i don't know what to believe because i know that it cannot be proved no matter what. ever. but within myself; i believe something is out there. i read richard dawkins 'god delusion' thinking i'd like it. it's rubbish. his arguments are feeble and juvenile. however, everyone i know who is skeptical when it comes to religion takes the stance: OMGZ I LUV IT GR8 BOOK TOTALI TRU.
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Okay? Are you trying to portray irony?

Back up your opinions.
Ok then

Bush: Awesome because he is leading this country in the RIGHT direction and he wants to finish the war.

Wrestling: I just don't like it because it's all fake and pointless. I don't know much about it though, maybe some of it could be real...

Rap: Most of it is just a bunch of garbage, and if you don't know what I mean, then you have problems.
Rap and wrestling are homosexual? What an insult to my homosexual friends.

I'm straight, but slanderous misuse of "gay" pisses me off. It associates "gay" with negative things (stupid, lame, etc). There's nothing wrong with gay people and they don't deserve to have the word brought down like that.
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I'd just like to point out the fact that that is your opinion.

I may be offended that you are comparing professional wrestling to your homosexual friends.