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Jan 25, 2009
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So, are you guys exited for Generation 5? I certainly am. They are obviously milking the series a bit now, but that dosnt mean it wont be a good game. I really hope the Pokemon are creative, because most of the generation 3 and 4 ones were not very good.

You can just post any stuff about these games here, may it be theorys, ideas, or whatever.

I know there are already topics about this game, but theyre much more specific.
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I don't see it as milking the series. They're just adding on to it. For me the main pokemon game is the battling be it against the CPU or live opponents, so they really don't NEED to do anything different from game to game other than give us new pokemon. Which, is kind of what they've been doing. So i think it's all good.

I'm TOTALLY psyched for Black and White.
one new twist they could put on the game would be to be able to play it from either side of the coin play as the bad guys for a change lol might be fun

alot of games do that so it might be interesting if you could play it from the bad guys perspective im sure it would generally be the same game just a few different options and things that would happen through the game

im not a game programmer or anything but im sure you guys get the idea of how it might work
I happen to think the series has gotten progressively better with each installment (main series only). Black and White are the names? Last version I bought was SoulSilver.
^^^ yes, those are the names... theyre running out of everything else, i think.... lmao
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^ Hmmm, yes. I didnt like em at first either, but they actually sound pretty cool.

Ill stab anyone who dares make a racist joke.

Anyway, I heard new Pokemon will be revealed next Sunday. I hope I didnt hear it wrong, because Im totally looking forward to it.

i got a excited for soul silver & was dissapointed im getting tired of pokemon the stories are to lazy for me i like the dragonquest series to be right up my alley
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^ Well, the plot of Pokemon isnt supposed to be really good, its the gameplay that everyone loves. If you only like games with good plots, then I guess Pokemon isnt for you.

I thought Soul Silver was really good, probably my favorite yet.

And please use proper grammar.....
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Proper grammar, sentance structure, and spelling does not exist on the internet.
yeah i know what your saying but pokemon should add a little more depth to there seemingly repetitive stories to spice it up.
Soul silver was dissapointing mainly cuz they ditched quite a few things from there original versions like zap cannon from the powerplant & crystal i dont like lyra very much also the daylight savings time thing with your mom was remove i was looking foward to the little memories.
Black and White = Good and Evil my vote is still being able to play as a bad guy and be a jerk knock down other trainers and steal their pokemon like they tried to do in the cartoons all the time lol
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Well, it seems the new starter Pokemon have been revealed. Or their silhouettes, at least.


I think the one on the left looks cool, but the others look kinda silly. I wish Nintendo would put more effort into starter Pokemon....

What they actually look like should be revealed soon, I imagine.

Edit: I recently posted a picture of what I thought were the starters in color, but Im pretty sure its fake. Sorry if I dissapointed anyone.....
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Hey! The 5th Generation starters have been revealed! For real this time!


Edit: Sorry for giving the wrong link before, this is the right one.

So yeah, the link will give some more information.

Fire: Looks kinda cool

Grass: Cool....and smug.

Water: Way cute!

So far Its a tie between Grass and Water for me, Ill probably wait to see what their final evolutions look like.

Also, I really like the new trainer designs. That blue jacket looks really great.

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I'm not a fan of the new starters, I'll wait to see their evolutions though.
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Look, if no ones going to post here, Ill just stop updating. (Which I admit that Im doing a bad job at.)

More stuff.... Specifically, videos.

Starter Battle+ Overworld Gameplay: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFDwx6X44pk&feature=channel

Legendary Dogs/Zodurak/Zorua Battle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06C7AOMJpYw&feature=channel

Im liking the battle animations, they are a cool addition. It also seems that Zodurak&Zodura have an ability to transform into the foe, but its hard to tell exactly how it works.

Oh boy!!!!!11!!!!1! The NPCs actually move out of your way!! Now I can ride my bike in peace!

Oh yeah...if any of you guys are relying on me for updates, Im probably not the best source you can get. Those YouTubers probably update more often.