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Aug 8, 2006
Perth, Australia
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How is the Samus character going to work? I mean in SSBM she wore her suit and now they have released Zerio Suit Samus? So are they going to ditch the old Samus and keep with the new one or are they going to have both? If they have both wouldnt they be clones? Someone please explain.
OK, a clone is when a player has the same moves as another player e.g falco and fox, mario and dr mario, ganandorf and captain falcon, young link and link there are more but im not going to waste my time writing them. All these pairs have the same moves, the only difference is their appearance, size and the speed in which they do the moves eg captain falcon and ganandorf have a big difference in speed. So technically zero suit samus CANT be a clone of the previous samus because they cant do the same moves as in they both have different weapons which do different things. So they wont be clones and i doubt they will ditch the old samus cause in the Smash Bros Brawl video its got the original Samus, but then again it is replaced in the video with zero suit..... My opinion, 95% chance that they will keep old Samus aswel.
This isn't a pure character addition. Rather, under certain conditions, Samus will "remove" her Power Suit. Whoa! That's a woman under there!

Naturally, Zero Suit Samus loses power and stamina, so she should fight using the speed she gains instead.
Also, her gun transforms and can be used as a whip. Of the two, one might consider the whip to be her main weapon.

And don't worry—you'll still be able to play as standard Samus, too.
LALALALA......Go to make 10 or more characters.
JCpackers05 said:
wow cant you read.....its been said like 800 times that in certain senarios Samus will shed her armor.....and jiarachi dancing man....they are the same character
i know their the same character, but if you can be zero suit samus and samus with her suit on in the same stage, i wonder which ones better
It's going to be 2 seperate characters or a down B move. Easy man...
NeMeZyZ said:
all i know id that snake is not gonna carry his gun, atleast thats what the homies at nintendo said
LOL that was so totally random, yeah but he wont use his guns, instead he will use mines or sometin
zero suit samus will be cool and they are going to be two different charcters.
while we are talking about mgs, i know snake is going to use a missile attack but no real weapons like a gun.
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