Saviors of the Ultimatum: Sign-up and Discussion

I would like to apologize for my actions yesterday. A friend of mine did something stupid and got himself put in the hospital so I was mad at him and took my frustration out on Bowserizer. Sorry.
not bad for a first post hero. just have him catch up to the rest of the heroes in your next one.

and i believe the world is called Forao
Ooc: U liek? I'm sorry what is the name of this world again?

There is a first post with all that info y'know :lol:

@Shadow-- He doesn't really have to catch up with the heroes if thats not the way he wants to use his character :O

Haha I'll try to make a post ASAP >.<
Sorry I havent posted in awhile, been busy and powers been out. the weathers been sucking. lol
@hero: the castle wasn't sticking out of the sand, it was cross the country is the center of a town.
I'm going to rid my posts as Cole. No one is paying attention to him and I can fill that spot with a better character anyway.
"Halt. State your purpose." fianlly said one of the people. " Calm down, no need to fight. My name is Shadow the hedgehog, and um, did I see you before?" he asked the Man with the blue hair.

Hero, this is actually a direct infraction of the rules. WMBQ stated that even if something has 6 sentences, it cannot be six chopped up sentences that aren't really sentences at all. Plus, the post isn't completely grammatically correct. lol

Just proofread and try to follow the rules. This is just a heads up.
I also had something to point out about that post. Her0 you're majorly breaking Shadows character. The way he just paused, said "Um" and blantly asked a question, that's not Shadow. I only point this out because you picked Shadow and it's your duty as an RPer to do the character you chose justice.

Oh, and Bowserizer, you get my pm?
Yea I was responding as you posted that ^^

Bodine has Piccolo. Welcome him to the dark side. :lol: