Saviors of the Ultimatum

Goku was listening to Sora and Marth, trying to make sense of things. But as usual his simple mind brought out his childish, odd logic. "Maybe your memories got bored and went looking for something to do?" he said confused. Then he put on his usual smile. "Don't worry guys," he said with confidence. "I'm sure they'll come back when they get homesick." Goku then sat in the snow and waited for everyone to finish their meal. He became bored, being as impatient as he is, within a matter of seconds. He couldn't wait to find this Cateraun guy and fight him. Not only did he want to beat him for the innocent lives he threatens, but as always Goku was excited of a fighter who would bring up a challenge. Even though Goku is but a child, not many in his world or even this one for that matter could last long in a battle with him. Anytime he catches wind of a powerful fighter he does whatever he can to test his own skills against them. He prefers a friendly match but it usually doesn't happen that way.
"So does anyone know where we find this Cater-whatever guy?" he said breaking the silence.
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"King Dedede..." Link's eyes widened as he entered a flashback.

He watched as a fat, humanoid, blue penguin in royal robes sent hundreds of monsters to attack a peaceful island. There were three different types of monsters there, and they were being fought off by himself, Marth, Sora, and two characters that he couldn't remember the names of: one was a shapely woman in a blue suit with long, blond hair, and the other was a young but serious looking man with short, blue hair. The latter of the two also carried a massive, two-handed golden sword,but he was wielding it with a single hand.

However, there was one more character there, but it didn't even seem natural. It was a humongous white glove that seemed to float on its own, and it was fighting more valiantly than anyone else.

A small airship descended upon the island, and out walked a more familiar face: Ganondorf.

Link snapped back to the present and explained his vision to Marth and Sora. "What is this?" he wondered aloud. "Why are we all getting the same visions about one another? How could we have ever met before?"
"Well, I don't think our memories got bored and moved away" Sora told Goku with a grin.
Sora pondered, walking to and fro, side to side, step by step. He stopped and he had an idea.
"Perhaps somebody doesn't want us to remember..." he thought aloud. "Maybe they wanted to split us apart. We're strong together but alone we're weaker."
He smiled, proud of his theory. He remembered the times when Donald and Goofy weren't with him. He was weaker without them.
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The vassal woke up to find a large, strange, imposing figure standing over him. Suddenly, his eyes went pink as his pupils disappeared. They glowed very intensely for several seconds, and then his eyes returned to normal. The pupils themselves widened, then rolled back into his head. His body fell over limp.

“I have been summoned,” Cateraun mused aloud. “It is by magic, and the source is powerful. More powerful than anything else in this world, that’s for sure… it is part of the new power that I had sensed previously, but this is simply a small part of it.”

“Reveal yourself to me, wizard!” Cateraun called, making a magical link with whatever had summoned him. “For I am stronger than you are!” This, he knew to be a fact. “I will show my face to you when you are stronger than myself, but as it is, you are to come to me or your summons shall be ignored entirely.”

Grodus saw the Vassel fall limp and decided it was best not to waste any more time. He had felt the summons and come to the conclusion that whoever this was, was probably right. Grodus peered at the sky. The murky complexion of the clouds did not bode well for anyone. This is that being's doings. The very same who contacted me just before. He reasoned. Grodus could still sense a connection, as if a string had been tied from him to some indiscriminant point. Grodus followed this sense. With the Vassel gone, I'll have to rely on intelligence aloneGrodus thought, a bit annoyed at the lack of direction. The X-Naut kept on walking. The clouds maintained their blue and black gloom, but Grodus liked it. The shadows reminded him of his home.

After what felt like only hours of following this link, Grodus came to a large pair of Red Doors. Grodus stared up behind the doors at a building, which was rather ordinary looking in contrast to the doors. Grodus hit the door with his staff. "Show yourself" he said. "I have killed your Vassel. I have earned this passage." Is he afraid? Grodus mused. That would only disappoint him. I must have others of my level if we are to truly conquer this cataclysmic disaster that makes up our worlds.

Grodus waited in front of the doors, staff in hand, and only growing more impatient for this supposedly supreme evil to present himself so as they might begin to plan. Assuming they get along, that is. But I'd rather not have to clean up the mess if we don't Grodus laughed to himself. This would be interesting.
Ganondorf was slumped against the side of the alleyway in the Castle's market. He was tired, annoyed, and getting more and more aggravated by the moment. Every one of these villagers seemed intent on not speaking when he pulled them aside... And every one of them seemed to want to annoy him further by letting themselves die before answering his questions. The bodies were starting to pile up, and Ganondorf was fed up with it. He stood and walked out into the market. His malicious appearance was only magnified by his apparrent bad mood.

As he strode pompously through the center of the market, easily towering over every one of the peasants, the guards at the entrance to the Castle itself began looking worrily at eachother. Ganondorf continued pushing through the crowd of people with little to no effort at all, knocking many on there backside and causing a ruckus. One of the two guards rushed forward and stepped up in front of Ganondorf. Said guard piped up in his medium pitched voice, reciting the lines exactly he was told to
say to any intruder to the Castle.

"Halt. You and all other peasant-folk are denied entry to the Castle at this time. Please return to your accomadations in a timely fashion."

Ganondorf's face contorted itself into a hideous grimace.

"Spoken like a true puppet of the law straight from the rule book... And just what makes you think I am a civilian? I am Ganondorf!"

The guard looked puzzled for a moment. The look on his face was basically an expression of Am I supposed to care? The guard moved forward and placed his hand on Ganondorf's chestplate, and pushed back firmly.

"I am sorry sir, but if you will not comply I must escort you from the premesis."

Ganondorf chuckled at the size of the guards miniscule hand compared to his gargantuan chestplate. Ganon grinned, and placed his own hand on the guard's chest. There was a small flash of light, and power began erupting from Ganondorf's outstretched hand. There were no screams, for the guards lungs, vocal chords, and trachea had already been burned away. The electricity that flared through Ganondorf's hand was easily manipulating itself through the metal coating of the guards armor, cooking him from the inside out. After a few moments, the guard's charred, blackened body hit the cobblestone floor of the marketplace, smoke sizzling from his skin.

Ganondorf smiled, taking a moment in his vanity to admire his own work. His focus then turned to the other guard, who seemed to vacate the premesis almost immediately. Ganon chuckled to himself.

"Rather stubborn in this world... Are'nt they..."

He then continued onward, his bots clanking on the stone floor as he approached the Castles main entrance gate.
Shadow walked up to the strange castle, out in the desert zone. "Wierd." he thought, "Why would a castle be half way in the sand?"
Suddenly, he heard voices. "They are coming from the south. I should go investigate."
From behind a rock, he saw a band of people. Without further notice, he was blinded with flash backs.
He saw the young man with the green hat, and the mustached man with a red cap, along with a swift, man with blue hair and a slim sword. These were the ones he recognized the most.
"Hmm... if I know them, then I should talk to them. Mabe they can explain whats happening."
As he jumped out from behind the rock, he saw the the people were alert and some even had their weapons in their hand.
Ichigo and Laharl had grabbed their share of food and were eating quietly. As Laharl ate, he couldn't help but think about his home and friends. Etna, Flonne, what are you two doing without me? I vanished right in front of you guys. I'm pretty sure you'd think it was a joke for a couple minutes. But this has been a couple hours. You guys know this can't be a prank by now. I wonder if you're looking for me? We've been to many different netherworlds and human worlds.Even Celestia, the world of the angels. When you guys don't find me in any of those what will you guys do?

Ichigo's thoughts were of his home and family. I hope they aren't worried about me. Izuru will probably be crying about me missing while Karin will be saying not to worry. Dad will be keeping those two under control. Kon better not be causing trouble, then again Rukia always keeps him under control. Damn, why did it have to be so sudden? I would happily agreed to help if they had asked. I'm almost positive that Uryu and Chad would've come along. Orihime and Rukia would've been right on there tails. Man, I need to finish this up and hurry home to stop there worrying.
Mario sat on the edge of a nearby cliff, overlooking the village in the snow area. Mario decided to stay there for a couple of minuets. He was thinking of Princess Peach, helpless against Bowser and his Koopa army. Mario regretted not saving the Princess... Or the Mushroom Kingdom... Bowser must be making everyone's lives miserable now. Mario shook off those thoughts, and went to go walk back to his group's position. After 30 minuets, he reunited with his group, but didn't feel like talking for today. So, he went somewhere to go rest. When Mario went to sleep, he had a horrible dream. It was the Mushroom Kingdom... But in flames... And all the Toads were injured. Then he heard a scream off to the distance... It was Princess Peach! Mario tried running toward her, but Princess Peach kept going farther and farther away, and disappered. Just then, a huge fireball came at Mario, and Bowser was laughing... Mario woke up, startled by that dream. About 5 minuets later, he went back to sleep.

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"This will have to be a quick demonstraition, my boy." King Piccolo rose his hand, with his back to the sun Goku could only see his shape, but he knew that evil smile was showing. Piccolo leapt forward with blinding speed bringing his hand down in a chopping motion aiming for Gokus neck. Goku swiftly raised his arm and blocked the chop. Of coarse it hurt. He thought his arm was broken for a second. NO!" screamed Piccolos lackie. "Master!" Tiens eyesed widened as he watched the fight. "Yes!" Tien shouted "He blocked it!!!" Goku then grabbed King Piccolos arm, picked him up over his head, and slung him, throwing him into a pillar of the castle making it crumble around the Demon King. The little green servant of Piccolos stood frozen in horror. "W...what have you done to him!?" He asked Goku. Goku ignored him, stariing at the pile of rubble knowing it wasn't over. A green hand slowly reached out of the debris, followed by a green head. Piccolo staggered out of the pile, small pieces of the building falling off of him. He starred at the ground for a moment while gathering himself. He was overconfident, he sees that now. He then looked at Goku with a furious stare. Gokujust gave him a grin, not a hppy grin like usual, just a in-the-bag grin. "I thought you said this was going to be fast?" he craked at the embarassed King. Piccolo growled angrily. "You insolent wretch!" he yelled at Goku. "You merely made me angry!" He then pointed his finger forward and a ray of yellow energy shot from his fingertip towards Goku. Goku jumped left and right, flipping backwards to dodge the onslaught of energy blasts. The worlds kind king and his servant watched in amazement. "He's actually dodging Piccolos attacks!" said the World King. The servant replied, "He's no ordinaty child, that's for sure!' King Piccolo looked at Goku with disgust, then lept into the air. he then came hurdiling down towards Goku, firing another energy blast. Goku lept back to doge the attack, laughing at Piccolo. Piccolo landed, then he laughed seeing Goku airbourne with no where to run. Piccolo thrusted his hand forward and shot energy at Gokus direction. Goku saw he had no chance of dodging so he crossed his arms in front of him reaying himself to block it. The blast hit him full on. "No Goku!!!" Yelled Tien, worried for Gokus sake. Goku flew backwards towards the kings castle...
"No!" yelled Goku jumping up from the snow covered ground. A dream, but a memory. Goku fought King Piccolo just months before being brought to Forao. The image of his terrifying face was still fresh in his mind. He was the first enemy to have Goku a little scared, though Goku wasn't as hardly as scared as he should have been by that monster. "Piccolo..." he muttered to himself.
"Halt. State your purpose." fianlly said one of the people. " Hmph. No need to fight. Name's Shadow the hedgehog" and he turned to Marth. "and did I see you before?" he asked the Man with the blue hair.
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"Halt. State your purpose." fianlly said one of the people. " Hmph. No need to fight. Name's Shadow the hedgehog" and he turned to Marth. "and did I see you before?" he asked the Man with the blue hair.
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Marth took his sword out as he faced the newcomer.
" Hmph. No need to fight. Name's Shadow the Hedgehog... and did I see you before?"

Marth racked his brains, but he didn't remember ever meeting anyone named Shadow... then again, it seemed that he had forgotten a lot of things.
"Honestly, I don't know. I don't recognize you, but apparently that's no indication we haven't met. Are you one of the heroes sent by the sages to help us?"
Screams could be heard as the green demons continued their onslaught upon the large town. The towns men tried to put up a fight, with rifles, pitchforks, axes, and anything else they could find to fight them off. The women and children barracaded themselves inside their homes but to no prevail. "Don't let them reach our familes!" yelled one man as he shot at several airbourn demons, just to be tackled down and mauled to death by a fat ground-based demon. The green demons laughed as they slaughtered the townsfolk by the masses and destroyed houses holding innocent family members. "No!" said a elderly lady to a slim demon who broke through her roof. "Not my grandchildren! Take me, just not my babies!" The demon laughed then slapped her across the face hard enough to snap her neck. She fell to the ground silently. The demon the looked at the young children with a crazed look.
The mens pitchforks and axes wouldn't even pierce through the demons skin, but they wouldn't give up. All of their efforts were in vain, and shortly the towns large population was dwindled down to a mere handful. The surviving humans were round up to the center of the town. The looked around to see the town completely destroyed. "Master," yelled on of the demons. "we left a few alive and the village elder, as you ordered." King Piccolo stepped forward to look upon the village. "Very good," he said. "You all have done well my children. I am very pleased." said the demon king. The horde of monsters smiled as if gaining approval from their father. King Piccolo does have on trait that is not usually seen in a villian. He cares for his creations. Each and every demon he spawns is like a son to him and cares for them all the same. This was first seen when Piccolo became extremely angered upon hearing the news that one of his demons, Tabourine, was killed by Goku.
"Bring me the elder." demanded Piccolo. One of the demons threw a old man to the ground before Piccolos feet. "Tell me, tell me where I can find Cateraun." He said to the elder. The old man just looked up to Piccolo angrily, not saying a word. "Hmph, well it seems you're not in the mood to talk." Piccolo nodded his head to one of the demons behind the elder, signaling for him to look in that direction. To the old mans horror, he looked back to see the demon holding a child by the head with a finger pointed to its throat. "Oh!" the elder yelled, "I will speak, please don't hurt the lad! He is merely a child!" Piccolo grinned. "I was certain you would be more talkitive. Now speak old man I have an agenda to keep and I'm running out of patience!" The man jumped at the sound of Piccolos voice then tried to get the answer out. "D...due east of here is a large village. There is a large castle in the center of this villiage! That's where he stays now please sir leave us in peace!" Piccolo looked at the man in disgust. "Ugh! Quit you're gravilling it's repulsive!" He then looked east. "My sons, I wish to see this Cateraun myself. I will go alone. You're free to do whatever you like untill I return." One of the demons stepped forward. "What about these villagers master? What would you wish of us to do with them?" Piccolo looked right into the elders horrified eyes and gave a spine-tingling smile. "Do with them as you please." he said, then he burst through the ait heading east, leaving behind the sound of demons laughing hysterically and the villagers screaming in terror.
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