the wiichat outreach.....

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Hm..... I didn't see this thread for a while. At church quite ironically.

Just as long as he's okay and it wasn't my fault.

If you're reading this lee, drop me a comment or something.
Didn't really get to know Lee that well in the last few days but despite that, I hope things improve in your life and you get well soon. :)
Chewitt said:
So he's desperate to fit in on an internet forum and is having troubles because of it ?? His attempts to fit in are becoming increasingly annoying to be quite frank and i'm not going to start licking his arse like some people do. I hate to be blunt but that's how i feel.

totally 100% agree.

and this making freinds on forum stuff, "MO, is not a great idea and is pretty lame and makes me think you people dont have any real ones.

its my opinion, no flame plz ok thx
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Does the Cillitt Man know this thread is here?

You talk about wanting to help him, so ban him for a month, then talk behind his back?

How are you supposed to help someone by creating an open forum for when/if he returns, he gets to read several pages of "he's ok", "I hate him", "He's weird" etc...

I don't know how creating a "smile Lee's in the room" attititude is going to make someone realise they actually need help or to change?
There is a valid point from people who don't like him.

Loose Cannon you can't allow people to give reasons why they like him, but then ban people who give reasons why they don't.
Don't they call that communism or even worse fascism?

You started the forum, you must expect responses from both sides of the argument.

From what I can see, he's a teenager with teenage problems.
Not trying to water down his issues, but we ALL have them. Some more than others. Creating a thread to get some high fives might not be the best way forward in my opinion.
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Flamein time

Sets fire to a pokefan
I didn't really like Lee but I didn't hate him. I just had a few minor annoyances with him.

Also, I agree with others. chach's banning was completely, ridiculously unfair (unless of course I missed something else). Also I think TLC should not have started a thread about this (unless of course, she had his permission).
Wii_BrEnDo2007 said:
he dissed jill N0-0NE does that!

Dose it anyway

:lol: Lee is banned!
so much for this thread..,,.
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